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Stay frosty
Stay frosty
Beware the chair that isn't there
Come on in and have a seat.
A nutty perspective
Once your brain has made certain assumptions about a shape, it's hard to let go of them.
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Neuroscience Highlights of 2013
An overview of some of the most interesting findings about the brain in 2013
A debunking of the science behind brain games
A review of the science questioning the efficacy of brain training games.
How the brain feeds and detoxifies
You may know about some of the many good reasons to get enough sleep, but here's another: TED talk by Jeff Iliff
Making decisions for future versions of yourself
How can you learn to make decisions in the present that will make your future self happy?
TED Talk - How your brain tells you where you are
How do you keep track of where you are and where you keep your stuff?
IQ test from a high iq society
The International High IQ Society represents a contemporary movement to stimulate discussions on a variety of intellectual topics. Here is there IQ test:

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Be among the first to experience our live debate fantasy games In Fantasy Debates, you select a roster of topics and score points each time they are used during debates. You can also created an automated debate bingocard that fills in as candidates say thngs. In either game, you can play against friends, or the world.


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