Brain Fitness Program

Improve your brain fitness with these various mental exercises. Workout your memory, attention, eye-hand coordination, processing speed and more. Play over 10 different online games to exercise your brain. Each game is available to play at 5 different difficulty levels so you can start off easy and make things more challenging as you improve. Graphs and charts of your scores allow you to see how you are progressing. Looking for something different? Check out these other brain fitness programs

Attention & Focus

Exercise your ability to concentrate on a task with these various attention and focus tasks. Train your brain to be stronger and younger with brain games and exercises.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Practice your ability to coordinate your hand movements (in this case, your mouse and keyboard) with visual information.


Memory exercises and games to help sharpen your mind and improve your brain fitness.

Problem Solving

Exercise your planning and problem solving skills with these logic and planning puzzles.

Number Processing

Being able to perform a little mental math is not only useful, but it is also an effective way to exercise your mind in everyday situations as it subtly works out a variety of mental processes. This might be one of the most rewarding things to exercise as your progress will be immediate and clear. The games here offer you several different ways to work with numbers and improve these skills.


Our ability to judge spaces serves many roles in our lives, from safely navigating through traffic, to planning a future house, to the everyday process of pattern matching. These various games and exercises to help you make these sorts of judgments quickly and accurately.