About PlayWithYourMind.com

PlayWithYourMind.com offers over 100 different online games and puzzles for your brain. We have word games, logic puzzles, memory exercises, brainteasers, iq tests and various other mind games. While most game sites are one and the same - just collections of the same online games - all the content here is unique to this site. Whether you are searching for a challenging diversion, eager for some rigorous mental competition, or just looking for a way to improve your brain fitness, PlayWithYourMind.com has what you need.

Mind Games & Brain Puzzles

Online Mind Games
This is the largest section of the site with over 50 different online games ranging from word games, logic puzzles & memory tests to typing games, math puzzles and search challenges. Each game is equipped with high score boards and our special IQ rating system.

Mind Exercises / Brain Fitness Program

Brain Fitness Program
Common sense suggests that our mind follows the doctrine "use it or lose it" and recent research has corroborated this intuition. We have the abilities to strengthen / retain our mental faculties through regular brain exercise, so this is the focus of the brain fitness industry and the games in this section. Exercise your memory, attention, visual processing skills and more in our version of a brain gym.

Daily Games / Mind Sports

Daily Mind Games
Coming soon.

Weekly Puzzles & Brainteasers

Weekly Puzzles & Brainteasers
Unlike the rest of the online games on this site, these are more like your traditional newspaper puzzles. They are one-time challenges designed to be done in your head or worked out on a piece of paper. New puzzles are added each week.

Memory Workout Program

Improve Your Memory
The Memory Program is devoted specifically to games and exercises designed to improve your memory. There are 10 different games in this section, each of which targets a different aspect of your memory - short-term, procedural, iconic & more as you work with pictures, names, shapes, sounds, words, numbers, colors, time and space.